Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Microwave Safety Systems. If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please give us a call or contact us via email.

By having the microwave ovens on your premises inspected by Microwave Safety Systems, your organisation has ensured that the radiation levels are within the recommended limits and has reduced any ” Perceived Risk of Injury” arising from microwave radiation.

If the microwave is leaking radiation above the limit and we are unable to make any adjustments to reduce the radiation levels, we will place a “DO NOT USE” sticker on the unit and inform the contact.Please note that we do not perform any repairs but may be able to make small adjustment such as tightening accessible screws or realigning doors.

No, Radiation leakage is measured in Milliwatts/cm sq. This can only be measured by having the units tested using an advanced microwave survey meter.

Tests have shown that microwaves not showing any obvious signs of physical damage can leak radiation above the recommended limit. Units tested have been found to leaks of up to 20 times above the limit.

No. One of our Radiation Surveillance Technicians will conduct the inspections at your premises.

The price will vary according to the number of units to be tested and the location of your premises (Metropolitan or Regional). Please click here to obtain a quote or contact our office on 1300 305 303.

One of our trained Radiation Surveillance Technicians will visit your workplace and conduct a three-point safety analysis including:

Radiation Leakage, Physical Damage & Power Output.

A sticker will be placed on each unit indicating radiation level and expiry of test results. Our Radiation Surveillance Technician will ask you or another staff member to sign-off on the work.

From our office, we produce a written report which is posted to you for your records.

MSS has workers compensation Australia wide and National Public Liability of $20,000,000

Microwave Safety Systems can also arrange Testing and Tagging of your electrical appliances.


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We care about employers: Microwave Safety Systems is committed to ensure that radiation levels being emitted from microwave ovens located in workplaces, schools, educational and health facilities, and the like are within the allowable limits set by the the Australian Standard AS/NZ603335.2.25 .